Quad Cities Skyraiders

Moline, IL - AMA Charter 3457

The Quad Cities Skyraiders was formed in the early 1990's by a group of Radio Control airplane enthusiasts. Our goal is the promotion and flying of the exciting hobby of Radio Control Airplanes.

QC Skyraiders is a club made up of a group of members that enjoy R/C model airplanes. The major goal is to have fun. There is a diversity of members with skill levels from beginner to extremely proficient. Along with the flying abilities there are hundreds of years of experience in building skills.

The members will lend a hand to anyone who has the want to learn to build and fly R/C airplanes. If you would like to learn how to fly RC airplanes quickly and safely, we suggest joining a local club. In addition to expert help, you will learn what local flyers are flying and what they can suggest for your 1st airplane/helicopter.

Let the Quad Cities Skyraiders get you started on the road to a great hobby.